Pausar på grund av Covid och regler från A-kassa, men återkommer när som helst hoppas jag...

Corona 44

"Monito" is the first necklace from the Corona 44 collection. It is the collection of necklaces designed and sewn by me. They are made with fabrics that I have bought on different trips during musical tours and also from recycled fabrics, because recycling is the future and it is my way of contributing to the care of our mother earth. Each of these necklaces will be numbered and are unique.

Monito talks to us about accepting ourselves as we are. 

will be sold in

Photo: Fredrik Gille

New Video!!

A year ago we made a visit to the beautiful island of Cape Verde. We rented bicycles and biked around the immense beauty of mother earth for a week. Getting inspired by the landscape, the colors and the sea we spontaneously decided to film something on the last day of our trip! That is how the video of "Quiero ... un Poco mas" emerged, which is one of the songs from my first album Cabildo. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!!

Video: Fredrik Gille