Photo Fredrik Gille

Liliana Zavala

Swedish Grammys nominated her as FOLK MUSIC OF THE YEAR 2023 with Todos Mis Muertos album!

The Manifesto gala nominated her as RHYTHM OF THE YEAR 2023!

“She comes from Argentina and lives in Sweden. But she gets her inspiration from all over the world. The producer, singer, composer and percussionist Liliana Zavala gives the concept of crossover a whole new a face. One of the most innovative and norm- breaking creative forces of the modern Swedish folk scene." _SKAP Awards 2022

"Ambitious and interesting artist who breaks with the norms and creates spaces transcending the limits of high-level musical genres" _(Nominated Artist of the year 2018 and 2020 for The World Music Gala of Sweden )

Liliana Zavala - percussionist, singer, artist, composer and producer - was born in the city of Córdoba, Argentina. She currently lives in Stockholm, where she has her base and actively works as a musician with artists from different parts of the world.

She has recently released her new album Todos Mis Muertos , a tribute to the loved ones who are no longer in this world. These compositions are inspired by rhythms and rituals around the theme of death.

This album was presented in Córdoba and Stockholm during 2022 with a very good reception.


She works with groups and artists such as: Zavala Trio, Tamboreras (Co-founder), Beat Company (of which she is the founder), Golbang, Shohaz Xenomania (a project nominated by The Swedish Grammys as Folk Music of the Year 2021).

She is also co-creator of SMAK in co-production with Farhang and Libelula Music.

Through her own record label Libelula Music she has not only released her two records Cabildo and recently Todos Mis Muertos ( the last one supported by the Swedish Arts Council), but also released in 2019 the second album by Yakumbe ( Stockholm percussion collective band ) called "Rinkebysvängen"

During 2021 She was part of the cast of the Gävleborg Folk Theater in "Perikles and his daughter Marina" (Shakespeare).
She was part of The Forbidden Orchestra in Sweden, and tours frequently with groups like Abjeez and Fever Ray.

During her many travels around the world, she has taken inspiration from different musical traditions and styles such as Latin American folklore, salsa, rock, pop, latin jazz, world music and modern music and this is reflected in her sounds.