Beat Company

Beat Company

Beat Company consists of seven musicians with varied backgrounds from different countries, music genres and styles. They are a group of professionals having a great time together, all contributing with their different experiences and knowledges. Based in Stockholm, their unique sound comes from mixing Cuban son-standards with their own compositions; influenced by Afrocuban rhythms from Brazil, Peru, Uruguay and by Swedish jazz, all with Scandinavian precision and where improvisation has its natural home. Being an all-female band also lets them fill an important space in the world music scene. The band wish to inspire other female musicians to continue their passion for music, to keep playing their instruments and singing. Beat Company is founded in rhythm and from there the music happens in the moment. When Beat Company is performing live on stage they want the audience to feel included, interactive and relaxed. Their vision is to continue the legacy of Afrocuban music whilst breaking new ground.

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Pict: Fredrik Gille