Five musicians, five expressions, four nationalities, and one goal - Musical freedom of speech. For everyone! Five powerful, strong and high-quality female performers in an alliance with the aim to create new music and inspire people to express themselves freely. To unite people through music, and to find the global common universal rhythm.


Forbidden orchestra is the place where musical traditions meet and inspire each other. Based on a controversial female expression, we give a performance led with music, fun and powerful stories across all borders.



Nadin Al Khalidi - Mandole, Bassist and Singer

Emilia Amper - Keyed Fiddle (Nycelharpist) and Singer

Sousou Cissoko - Kora, Piano, Guitar and Singer

Liliana Zavala - Percussionist and Singer

Simona Abdallah - Percussionist

The Forbidden Orchestra

Photo: Helen Poneli