Fever Ray

Seven years ago and thru an internet list on of professional woman musicians in Sweden, appeared an ad from a singer called Karin who was looking for a percussionist. I answered the ad and a few days later we were having lunch together, chatting about children and music. I remember asking her what kind of music she was doing and she answered humbly ”give me your address and i’ll send you the material”.


That Friday, a large package with cd’s and dvd’s arrived to my house and i prepared the couch for an afternoon looking thru videos. The first one was ”Pass this On” (The Knife) and the rest was just surrendering to this creative monster called Fever Ray with whom i had the pleasure to tour for the whole year of 2009 and parts of 2010.


After that tour i had a warm, generous and inspiring friend in my life that i meet about every 6 month to have a coffee. A year ago, after one of these coffees we talked again about our children, separations and how life goes around and in the end of the conversation she said ”what are you doing 2018?” And she smiled with that wicked smile that only she has (and we were still in the beginning of 2017!!)

Photo: Alexa Vachon @alexavachon on instagram

And that’s how i again came to be a part of her dreams and fantasies together with four other talented artists on stage and present Fever Ray’s new album ”Plunge” during 2018 on a tour that covers Europe, United States, Canada and sometimes the stratosphere!!


A revolution of Love, Understanding and openness. Thanks Feverita Mami!